Reduce the Clutter, Adapt the Space

In today’s vast information, superhighway has leaked into our day-to-day lives in the form of excessive printing of various content readily available at the click of a mouse. Furthermore, traditional views stuck on the misperceived notion that ebooks, digital PDFs, and electronic notetaking do not suffice due to the preference for the ‘look’ and ‘feel’ of textbooks, actual pencil & paper, along with the ability to put heads down (i.e., lean over the material), that has driven many away from digital solutions. In other words, I recall thinking to myself that ebooks just were not the same as having a physical copy of a textbook to tab, markup, and later recall: all the while being posed over the book such that my head being down was a sort of means to get in the zone of studying the text. Although, it is true that when ebooks were first introduced, the available hardware was not yet available for optimal usage (e.g., the need to read a textbook from a laptop felt unnatural to me, for the tools like highlighting, marking up, and tabbing was not a fluid process). Nowadays, this is not the case: many available technologies can truly optimize various aspects of your life, especially those involved in fields that include pens, paper, books, files, etc., which is a majority nowadays. Less is more; minimalism is not a trend but an adaptation to the new world we live in, as complexities are inherent, so it is best to simplify all possible aspects. Hence, let the problems be complex, and the space for solving the issues is simple. Now, how to best optimize our space? Source: Pixabay

Table of Contents

· Overview
· Tips to Improve your Space
TIP 1: The days of Printing are Over
TIP 2: No More Notebooks, Paper, or Pens
TIP 3: Update Space to Adapt to TIPs 1 and 2
· In Summary



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Joseph Robinson, Ph.D.

Joseph Robinson, Ph.D.


Full-time at Vicarious Surgical. Phd at NEU ‘20. Focus: applied ML w emphasis on vision, big data, automatic face understanding.